About Luke + Bre

aboutpage_052Luke Cunningham has been behind the camera for many years! It was during his early days as a local band & concert photographer that he coined the name “1985LUKE.” (Can anyone guess what year he was born in? haha)

During this time, he spent many hours promoting his photography and the local music scene through the ancient social networking site, Myspace. (Anyone remember that site?)

Along with thousands of other Myspace users, Luke sent a friend request to BreAnne.

A lot happened in between, but to keep it short and sweet: BreAnne paid a visit to one of these local concerts (and to Luke), and they’ve been together ever since.

Luke & BreAnne were married October 2, 2010 and opened up shop a few months later!

BreAnne loves all things pretty, and Luke knows exactly how to capture it. Match made in heaven? Think so.


Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you through the lens soon!

-Luke + Bre

{Photo by Ashley Maxwell}